Tom Hanratty, Sales

February 10, 2012 in Staff

Tom joined the Barnell sales staff after he retired from his role as country club manager. Tom’s first-hand knowledge of the country club market has helped propel our own growth in this very competitive field of golf club management. His experience in country club kitchen and laundry management places him in a unique position, because he has experience from “both sides of the desk”. Tom Hanratty inherently knows what it takes to get the best results for kitchen and laundry management, while capably managing a budget. Tom is a fine gentleman; his jauntily debonair style and crackling sense of humor always makes it pleasant to be around him.

Joe Skuba, Sales

February 9, 2012 in Staff

Joe Skuba is Barnell’s longest-serving employee, surpassed only by Gerry Donnelly. Needless to say, Joe has extensive knowledge of our products, equipment and markets. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Joe. He has been known to remove his jacket and roll up his shirt sleeves to make a simple repair in the field for a customer. He is precise and deliberate in the way he treats his customers — always putting their needs first. Joe Skuba is a nice young man who will always go above and beyond to satisfy customers’ needs and keep them happy! We are blessed to have such a great individual on our team.

Bob Chazin, Sales

February 8, 2012 in Staff

Bob Chazin has rejoined the Barnell sales staff after retiring from the retail automotive industry. Bob brings along years of sales experience and customer service expertise that fits like a glove into our own market. The temporary tutelage of Joe Skuba and Tom Hanratty has served to refresh and to reintroduce Bob into the heart of our markets . Bob got right back into the swing of things without missing a beat. We are happy to have Bob on the Barnell team once again. He has a positive and assertive personality and always looks for ways to best serve our customers’ needs.